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I have been hooked on Cribbage ever since I learned to play at the age of 12. The first game I played I skunked the person that taught me to play and that was it, I was hooked.

Two of my hobbies in school were computers and wood working. Through the years I have made several Cribbage boards selling them at crafts shows. Most people when seeing our Cribbage boards loved them but wanted to have the track designed in some custom way. So there I was using Photoshop on a computer to design custom made Cribbage boards.

Being a website developer I had an aha moment and built a website for myself so that I could design custom Cribbage boards in fraction of the time as I could in Photoshop. This led me to making the website available to the public so that people could use my website tool to design their own custom Cribbage board, print the pattern and build the Cribbage board themselves.

King of the Mountain Cribbage Board